8 on 8 Youth Spring Football is an 8-man youth tackle football league that operates in the Spring from late February to early May.  The price is $175 and includes game day jersey and $30 per player city fee. Practice begins Tuesday January 9th @ 6:00 pm. AGE AND WEIGHT DIVISIONS DIVISION: (Age is based on “League Age” determined by the players age as of July 31st of the year preceding the playing of the tournament. (i.e. if the tournament is being played in 2018 then the players age is based on July 31st, 2017). IMPORTANT NOTE: The Youth Spring Football League (YSFL) certifies a player’s weight at the beginning of the season and then does NOT do any further weigh ins. There are game check ins every week before a game where players are checked in against their documentation, but they are NOT weighed in every week. Tiny-Mite  5 & 6yrs unlimited, 7yrs <80 lbs Mitey-Mite  7 & 8yrs unlimited, 9yrs <95 lbs Pee Wee  9 & 10yrs unlimited, 11yrs <105 lbs Super Midget  10 & 11yrs unlimited, 12yrs <120 lbs Midget  11 & 12 yrs unlimited, 13yrs <150 lbs JR Varsity  12 &13 yrs unlimited, 14yrs <200 lbs Varsity 13, 14 & 15yrs All Unlimited weight  
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